How to choose and buy 3528/5050 Led Strip lights

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Mains Factor to consider when buying Led Strips

1.The Strip Type you need -SMD Type (3528/5050 or others) 
To Decorate the ceiling ? Roof ? Your Living room ? Cabinet ? Or the TV back?
The first thing you should confirm is what's the purpose/usage you buy led strips.
eBay member dailysources recommend you to choose 3528/5050 SMD strip to decorat e your home !
2.The number of LEDs within a metre of the strip
3528 smd Strip : 300led/5m  or 600led/5m/roll Tapes Reels
5050 smd Strip : 150led/5m or 300led/5m/roll Tapes Reels
The types mention above are the mains type in the market . If you need other size of the strips, please customize .
3.The colors / color temperature of the LED
Choose the color you need , such as Day /Warm/Cold White , Blue, Red, Green , Pink etc. , colors also decide the color temperature .
4.Waterproof IP rating and Voltage.
Waterproof IP Rating  : IP65 rating or non-waterproof
Voltage : 12Volt or 240Volt 
5.Dimmers and controllers 
The light is dimmable or not .  Does it comes with Remote or not !
RGB  strips light comes with IR remote .

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Buy top Quality Strip from dailysources

We are professional Led strip lighting supplier and all items are UK STOCK! Welcome to wholesale ! We provide 1 Year quality warranty with excellent customer service!
Our Chip : Taiwan quality A+ Chips.
2. Package : Packed in Sealed anti-static bag /Reel
3. Welding effect :  Our strips are machine welding ,much better than manual welding. Firstly, manual welding make the strip looks ugly, and second, the anti- static protection is not good, the most important is , a lot of LED chips  are easy to breakdown. LED position and orientation of machine welding are more beautiful.This can be seen directly from the appearance.
4.PCB : Top A+ Quality amber/ White PCB
5. Brightness : We use high Lumens & tested SMDs when producing our 3528/5050 strip lights.
Our eBay shop : dailysources

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