How to choose and buy the right false eyelashes for yourself?

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which? which? which???!!!
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which? which? which???!!!

It's a tricky one...

Especially if you are quite new to the eyelash world.. Good luck with that! You would probably have a few disappointments and tantrums before you finding the "Perfect" ones!  Some might not ever find it before giving up. Sounds like it is as hard as finding your soulmate isn't Don't worry it's easier than that with you remember a few tips that I'm sharing here.

Go ahead and take a paper and pen or pencil and write your answers down... and no it's not silly.. it's serious questions  (It's your image on the line so DO IT PROPERLY !)

1st Question>

You will need to ask yourself what kind of look or effect do you want?

(Please don't say you want to look like the Hollywood hotties : Angelina Jolie Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence just because you are going to have fake lashes on!! Be practical, it takes much more than just a pair of false eyelashes to look like them!  Haha.. Just joking ! You look beautiful with or without the false lashes I’m sure, it’s just icing on the cake if you do!)

So for example, your answers could be : 
* I want it to look natural but with a impact
* I want it to be undetectable when wearing it,  just add a bit of volume or length to your real lashes
* I want look glamourous, sort of 1950’s hotties, longer and flick at the end of the lashes
* I want the bigger the lashes the better!! ( The "LOOK IT ME!  LOOK IT ME!!!" type..)
* I want the lashes to be as comfortable as possible when wearing it.

Whatever your answer is, just write it down then jump to the 2nd questions…

2nd Question>
.......................... To be continued…. Be patient  and I’ll be back with more questions!
Or feel free to get in touch if can’t wait…lol…................
Sera G .... from Sera G Eyelashes


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