How to choose fast fashion styles with low risk!

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We have so many customers congratulate us on our true to life photography. To us, creating photos that correctly show the product is second nature, however until we took a look around we didn't realise the amount of listings that use the same photos that are around...

Choose wiseley....

Is there several listings using the same photos?...Does it look like a social media photo on a socialite/model?... Does the pricing seem very cheap for the appearance?
This are all tell tale signs that the item is probably not the actual item you will recieve, but a copy. This means the dress will resemble the photo however the fit (most importantly) and quality will differ.
All to often cheap manufacturers issue these pictures found on social media (usually of american models!), to online boutiques as its cheaper than producing there own pictures, and makes the product look better! - When in reality the photo probably features a higher quality design (the original) that the copy was made from. This is especially true with items bought from certain areas overseas.

Boutique Buying, the Facts for consumers...

When buying theres several levels of quality on the items we can buy in - Even though the 'stock images' may all look the same. This explains why some items are much cheaper than others even though they may appear the same in the 'stock images'. things that very is stitch quality, fabric density & thickness, and fit.
When we purchase we turn away anything that's of poor quality, while trying to remain good value.

Who to trust?

It seems like its a minefield out there, but what many sellers rely on it selling it so cheap that people don't bother to return it, or sell from such a distance that it makes returning a nightmare.
Choose an online boutique, Like us, that take and use there own pictures. This way you can see the actual product you will purchase, and not just 'a similar' one.

How can I tell who takes there own photos??

Check out there other listings, if they seem to feature the same/similar model throughout. The chances are they do. If the items are all taken in the same/similar locations/style/lighting the chances are they do.
We have even had several cases of boutiques stealing OUR photos for use selling inferior products.

Wait....Is there any exeptions?

The only exception is with branded items, sometimes if a boutique doesn't have the capacity to shoot there own pictures, and the boutique stock labelled brands... They may use reputable branded images from the brands wholesale site. This is normal. You can tell these as they will be branded.
Some sellers use stock photos from cheaper wholesalers (not on a model) and this can be fairly normal but it is difficult to determin the level of quality and fit.

Just least you read this is time or this could've been you.........
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