How to choose refurbished goods

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You have looked at new prices for your chosen item,then thought HMMM!! didn,t realise it was so expensive.
So you think,how about refurbished that will definitely be a cheaper option.
Now anyone can advertise "Seller Refurbished" and many responsible sellers do it it right.
But such is life that there are always going to be sellers who just tick "seller Refurbished" to add extra value,making you think "oh that's ok the item is refurbished,and i will save money and if it goes wrong ill just return it right"
Not in all cases,but in this instance if you are considering a refurbished item,i wouldn't buy it unless i had questioned the seller 1st asking question such as :-
Has this been checked for electrical safety? Has it had replacement parts? How long is the warranty? Does it carry a test label with a signature?
Buying without checking is "penny wise and pound foolish"
Just take a few extra minutes to find out,it will save you money and hassle.
Good Luck and happy buying

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