How to choose the area for your new Bulgarian property?

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What you should look for before choosing the so important area of your future investment in Bulgaria? 

People always underestimate the importance of their decisions. We can see that every day.

"Buying our own property is a great step ahead, something most people dream about their whole life."

Buying property in a foreign country like Bulgaria, whether it is a house in the countryside, an apartment in some popular tourist area, or investment plot for development, it is nevertheless as important as your future is concerned. This is opportunity which if you know how to, when and where, you could have both profitable and life enhancing experience.

Here we would like to offer you some directions, and if you manage to find something helpful in that information, if our property advice helps you in your search for the best area to buy Bulgarian property, we have done our job.

Imagine you are visiting Bulgaria for first time. You've planned a week on the Seacoast, Sunny Beach probably, and another week to look around and find a property to buy.

Passing by a couple of real estate agencies gives you a rough idea on what is offered: apartments, villas and plots in expensive areas, at least the prices point that. After speaking with some of the agents you may have the feeling that you've found your destination. If you don't take your time and think it you may very well end up wondering between apartment in Bansko and apartment in Sunny Beach, and actually being sold an apartment for thousands of pounds!


Bulgaria is much more than Sunny Beach and Bansko! Bulgaria has greater potential and we want to give you the bigger picture! Abundance of natural resources, nature parks, protected areas, beautiful mountains and Danube Plain, rivers, lakes, virgin coastline areas, all that is Bulgaria. Having population of only 8 million people Bulgaria is open and welcoming to everybody who dares to experience it.


To discover your special place here in sunny Bulgarian follow the easy steps:

  • Find out characteristics like access, population, level of development, infrastructure, amenities, etc., of all the possible locations for your future property.
  • Give evaluation of the positive and the negative points of each area you have researched.
  • If you want it to be easier for comparison use tabulation form. It is really much better when you have the major points of each area in front of you on a sheet of paper.

Guiding questions for analyzing each area of interest:

  1. Is the specific area accessible all year round including winter time? - What about the property you have in mind? If you consider buying a property high in the mountains find out if the roads are regularly cleaned from the snow. Sometimes if the roads are not significant for the municipality and the village is not well populated or it is a small quarter, they are cleaned by the locals only. That information is easy to find just ask the people.
  2. Check if the infrastructure is at least good if not excellent.
  3. Are there any transportation services - railway, bus service, other.
  4. What is the distance from that area to any bigger town or airport?
  5. Unique characteristics - natural landmarks, location close to ski resort or Black Sea, near river, near lake, near mountain, near big tourist center, in countryside, in town, etc.
  6. Find out what is the level of each area in terms of advertising and proposing by the real estate companies. If an area has been already too popularized there is a great chance that: first - it is too crowded; second - it costs a fortune even for a small one bedroom apartment; third - the place is overbuilt, not a nice view from your balcony but buildings and more buildings.
  7. What purpose you are buying the property for? - For holiday, to rent, for investment, to live in a couple of months every year, or to relocate to Bulgaria permanently. That is what in most degree would affect your final decision. Some areas may be good but if they don't apply to your purpose which you are buying the property for in first place, they are not for you. You have to either give up that area or just change your initial purpose and adjust it to that particular area and what it offers.

When you are ready with these questions and you have the area characteristics written divide them into two groups: features that my area must have and additional features which are great if possible, but not with а major significance.

Here are some examples how to decide what area characteristics you need:

Example #1:

If you are buying Bulgarian property for spending holidays two or more times of the year you may want to have the luxury of an apartment on the Seacoast or close to the Seacoast. Obviously here the location is of great importance so you have to direct your searches towards areas in close proximity to the Bulgarian Seacoast. The great news is that you can now choose not only from the expensive apartments in the Black sea resorts but also from variety of properties located close to the Seacoast in villages.

In that case the village must have all the essential amenities needed for your stay at the property. This is the first group of area characteristics - transportation service, post office, medical care, grocery shops, telephone connection, etc.

If the village has cable TV and internet even better, most of the villages have, but if you don't really need them during your holiday, it wouldn't influence your final decision about this area.

Example #2:

If you are buying plot for building and development you have to ensure that the area has good access and close proximity to bigger commercial center - a town or a city, that would ensure variety of specialized stores for building materials and furniture, also it will be cheaper to supply materials from a closer distance. Check the infrastructure to the property because it is of great importance for the building process and supplying and could save time and money.

If your future plans for that development include reselling or renting it, consider carefully all the positive and negative (if any) points of the region. Is this area attractive in some way? Who would want to buy or rent there and why? Is there some tourist attraction, natural landmark, anything that you think may catch the eye of your future client?

Example #3:

If you are looking for your special place where relaxation and recreation would be your main purpose, to hide a few times a year and recover from the stressful life that we all live nowadays, you probably would prefer a village property somewhere in quiet area, in the countryside, close to the nature. That would mean a credit for each area which offers fresh air, green meadows, beautiful scenery, forests, lakes or rivers.

Speaking again about buying and spending time in a village we have to add something. If you choose to buy a house in Bulgarian village that doesn't mean that you have to put up with what you have in the village in terms of shopping, medical care, leisure activities. You will not give up of you traditions and habits. Even better you may adopt new, healthier habits of walking more, eating healthier food - organic food is available in every vegetable market in Bulgaria. And almost every Bulgarian village is located not far from a bigger town. That is giving you access to everything you are accustomed - big stores, restaurants, bars, first class medical care and every leisure that the modern city has to offer nowadays.



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