How to choose the correct cable for the job

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Cables come in a lot of different varieties for a vast number of uses and they can be very confusing. They look all the same and seem to do exactly the same job. Well they do to a degree but some are made of an inferior metal or coating which degrades after a while especially the contacts that are using the voltage to enable something.To overcome this it is advisable to purchase the product at the top end of the budget.
The are a number of medias :- Fibre Optic, Coax, Audio Visual, Ethernet. We can help you make sense of all these. 
If you are looking for a lead for a certain task ie. HDMI- Try and get one of the better quality, at first you will probably see no difference in the signal/picture quality but after a while you will see a difference.
Patch Leads- Used a lot more these day for other things other than just connecting computers, a connected home is up and coming fast.Even these leads can be of a poor quality and can drag your speed down and give you bad return losses which can make your system fail even though your lead looks fine.
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