How to choose the righ paint to use?

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What finish of paint do I need?

You need to keep in mind that different surfaces in different areas need different paints. Walls and celings in kitchens, bathrooms need to be resistant to water from condensation, and skirtings need durable paint to resist scuffing. When you’re buying paint, you need to choose the right kind of paint finish for your property to get the best results for your money.
Different paint finishes can give your rooms a very different look, from cosy flat matts to the shiny glosses. Finishes can be: emulsion, eggshell (sometimes called acrylic), oil-based gloss or satin, floor paints & masonry paint, and the brands that we sell offer many different variations.
Interior coatings like emulsions are water-based paints and usually used on walls and ceilings. Matt finish gives a flat, even colour and satin has a slight sheen that is more resistant to marking than matt. Other type of paint that are used indoors are eggshell paint. They are water-based but they’re tougher, typically used with an undercoat on woodwork & metal. Floor paints are tougher and can be used on indoor wooden or concrete floors, they usually come in mid-sheen finish.
Exterior paints like masonry paints are water-based paints for outdoor walls. They are formulated to be tough and can withstand extremes of weather. Oil based gloss and satins are the most durable paints of all. They can be applied indoors, but they are best suited for woodwork and metal outdoors because they have high VOC level while drying. The more ventilation you can give oil-based paint the better.

What finish do I need?

  • We have wide range of various products from  different manufacturers and all of those products have different colour options. This means that You can choose from a huge range of products for every paint colour.
  • You have to keep in mind, that colours of the paint coatings, look different depending on things like: finish that product has, the light in your room, colours of objects around. We all ways recommend trying a sample of the paint, to be sure it is exact coulour You prefer.
  • Remember, that colours visible on the screen or printed on the brochure or a colour chart can never be 100% consistent, so we offer free colour sample pots. You can order different colour testers to match the wanted colour.
Just contact us and we will gladly help You to choose the right product and colour!
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