How to choose the right Angel Cards for you

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Angel cards are a beautiful medium to work with but how do you choose the right cards for you?

An Important point is they must appeal visually to you.They need to reach your creative soul,your emotions and talk to you. The right cards will evoke something in you naturally.You will feel drawn to them without really understanding why.Dont question this just go with your instincts and how they make you feel.Do you want to stroke them? look at them? hold them? if so they are right for you.There are no right or wrong cards to choose from as long as they feel right for you.

You may have an interest in the angels or the goddesses, nature or the fantatstical there are beautiful cards that can appeal to all.Just take your time and let them speak to you go with your instincts and you wont go wrong. 

See below a list of my favourites which i have used for many years.My next review will be the Tarot which delves much more deeply. I use the Angel cards in conjunction with the Tarot Cards. It gives a softer dimension to the reading and a fuller picture and also validation to the messages given from the Tarot. Thank you for reading and many blessings to you.

Astara Jaynes 

The Goddess Oracle Angel Cards 
Dolphins and Mermaids Angel Cards 
Unicorn Angel Cards 
Messenger Angel Cards 

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