How to choose the right Foundation Shade for you

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Find your Shade

You know it, I know it, and every other girl out there knows it, ( and some guys). A great foundation is an absolute must for flawless looking skin. But it is so hard to find the right shade for you. Apparently only 15% of women choose the correct shade if the appropriate tools aren't used. 

To asses what shade is best for you get a sample and apply a swatch to the back of your arm area. The reason you test it here is because it always matches the colour of your face. We have all seen those who have a face with one colour, the neck and rest of the body another! 

To save time testing thousands of different colours choose the colour that you think you may be and then choose one light and one darker. To see which one suits you the best. Don't judge the colour instantly in a mirror ask a friend, shop assistant or an honest partner who doesn't want to leave the shop quickly!

If you are unsure about the colour always go for the lighter one. You may have been told to go darker don't!  If you do, it may be very obvious that you are wearing make-up. Lighter make-up is less likely to leave streaks and you can always use bronzer if you want a tanned glow. However this could be a bad idea if you have a darker skin tone. If you're dark, always go for the darker shade as a lighter shade could leave you looking rather grey!

If you want a perfect Selfie, choose the right shade ;)

Good luck girls! 

Make-Up Candy x
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