How to choose the right LED lights for your home.

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How to Choose the right LED lights
A lot of people are now aware of LED lights being available to replace existing incandescent light bulbs in your homes. However, when it comes to actually choosing the right replacements it is not such an easy task. 

With an abundance of low budget, cheap options available from every online store touting energy reducing products, it can become a mine field and leave many customers with a sub-standard, compromised product. 

This doesn't have to be the case, here is what you should know about LED lamps for your home. 
Inside information on how to choose the right bulb for your home.
Light bulbs have become common place in everyone's home since Edison invented the first one in xxx. Unfortunately until more recent developments in LED technology, the traditional light bulb has been little more than an energy hungry, light emitting heat unit. Consuming 40-100 watts of energy every time you flick the switch. 

A few years ago LED lamps for homes were introduced along with very high price tags. While these LED's have offered consumers significant reductions in energy consumption, the fact that they cost in excess of 10 times the amount of traditional incandescent bulbs has meant the majority of people are unwilling to splash out on them. However, with recent advances in LED technology and them hitting the Chinese production lines, that high price tag is no longer an issue.

LED's are now providing a great saving on energy (even more than CFL's, the supposed energy saving lamps) at a reasonable cost and on average a 1 year payback. With LED you get instant low energy luminosity and around a 22 year lifespan. 

With the low price tags more and more people are turning to LED's for their next bulb purchase. You can now find small displays of LED's in several superstore chains.  Unfortunately like so many things in life "Price is what you pay, value is what you get" Warren Buffet. Being drawn in by the lowest priced LED bulbs on the market, will leave most consumers with an empty dull glow. Switching to efficient LED shouldn't be about compromise.

Don't worry this doesn't mean that all LED lights are useless! The general public just haven't been educated, on what to be looking for. Once it was as simple as looking at the wattage, however with LED lights all having a low wattage generally between 4-14 watts leaves most struggling to differentiate between them. 

All bulbs have been miss sold to the public since their beginnings. While wattage is the power that they consume it is the Lumen output that is the brightness of the lamp. While Kelvin is the colour temperature being emitted from the light bulb. Instead of wattage you should now get to know your lumens lumen requirements. We can help, just have a look at the charts below or get in touch!
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