How to choose the right cardboard boxes

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Cardboard boxes are one of the most popular types of packaging materials around. They are a good choice for households, retailers and manufacturing outlets . When choosing cardboard boxes pay attention to the size and the type of content you intend to store or transport. 

Before making a purchase, decide if you want to use Single or Double wall boxes. Single-wall boxes consist of an inner layer. They are a good choice for storing or transporting Lightweight items that do not require extensive protection. 

Double-wall boxes are the ideal choice for storing items for prolonged periods of time. They are stronger then Single-wall boxes as they cosist of two inner layers for added protections. This is the reason why they are popular with those who use the services of a courier or removal company on a regular basis. These boxes are a good choice for transporting fragile or heavy items. 

Unfortunately people purchase Single-wall boxes assuming that the quality will be in line with the Double-wall cardboard boxes. Clearly this is not the case so please bear this in mind. 
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