How to choose the right lipstick

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Lipstick is perhaps the most important beauty tool in any woman's handbag.
The right choice of lipstick can take your look on to a new level of style, but similarly picking the wrong one can be a disaster.
Here's our guide to making sure you choose the right lipstick.


Whenever you make any makeup choices, undertones should be at the heart of your decision. Knowing your undertone is vital if you are going to pick the right lipstick for your style.
Your skin will typically either have a yellow or a pink undertone and there is an easy way to find out which one you have. Take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they show as blue, you have pink undertones. If the veins look more green, then your undertones are yellow.
If your veins look both blue and green, which is not uncommon, then you are lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone, which gives you a lot more options for your style and makeup choices.
Another way to check your undertones is to hold pieces of gold and silver jewellery up to your face. Pink tones look better with gold pieces and silver jewellery will look good if your skin has yellow undertones.
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Selecting a shade

Once you have established what skin undertone you have, you can think about shades.
Shades that are similar to your skin undertone will usually look best. So if you have pink undertones to your skin, stick to lipstick colours that are warm.
Women who have yellow undertones to their skin should instead look to lipsticks that have blue or purple tinges to them.
Finally, it is recommended that lipsticks that are overly pale, or have a grey or ashy shade to them, should be avoided altogether, as they have a tendency to make you look sickly.

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Big lips

Your choice of lipstick has a massive impact on how your lips will look.
For instance, contrary to popular opinion, darker shades of lipstick will typically make your lips seem smaller than they are. In contrast, lighter colours of lipstick add plumpness.
Women who want their lips to look a touch thinner should also consider a lipstick with a matte finish, while those looking for a fuller lip could choose shimmery and glossy shades.
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Skin colour

It is not just the undertones of your skin colour that are a big factor in your choice of lipstick.
Women who have really fair skin can have a lot of fun with their makeup and lipstick is one of the areas that can make a big difference to their style. Deep colours such as bold reds pop out and look great on ladies who have fair skin.
If you have an olive complexion then your undertones will probably be neutral, giving you a wide range of choices for your selection of lipstick. Red, nude, orange and pink shades will all look good on you, so you can make sure your lipstick works well with your outfit. But try not to match your clothes and lipstick too closely as it can be a touch overwhelming.
Ladies with darker skin should steer clear of anything too light or pale, with deeper shades tending to be more flattering. However, a statement lip in a bright colour such as orange can still look great if you are bold enough to pull it off. A caramel lipstick can be a fine choice for a woman with dark skin.

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While these rules can act as a guideline for how to pick your perfect lipstick, experimenting is the best way to get your makeup and style looking really on point.
Try before you buy wherever you can. The pads of your fingertips are usually a similar colour to your lips, so this is a good place to test a new lipstick before you commit to a purchase.
Always make sure you are in a place that is well lit whenever you are trying on a new lipstick, as this will give you a true picture of how it looks.
Never be afraid to ask for help or advice from a makeup expert if you're still unsure about a lipstick, although if you are having doubts, it is probably not the right one to choose.
It is also best to try new lipsticks when you are not wearing a lot of other makeup. When you find a shade that brightens your whole face you know you have got the right lipstick for you.
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