How to choose the right watch. The problem of too many choices

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Choosing a new watch sometimes takes longer than choosing a car! This guide will help those who have been spending hours over the internet or the high street looking for the right one: and what if I later see one that is better?
The truth is that we need to answer a few questions before we even start hunting for the right piece, as this will help narrow down the options.
What is the budget?
It is good to have an estimate of how much you intent to splash. Otherwise, your price tag will gradually become bigger and bigger. Scary.
Is it for you or a friend/relative/colleague?
If it is for yourself, there may be some flexibility in the timeframe of the purchase, whereas if it is for a gift, it would be something that needs to be sorted by a certain date and that is why shipping precision becomes an issue. Also will there be the option for gift return if the friend/relative is not entirely happy with the gift?
Will this be the user's first watch?
If so, it may be best if it is minimal and relatively small. If someone is not used to having much on their wrist, it would probably be too much for them to suddenly wear a 45mm dial watch that is shiny and weighs half a kilo.
Vintage or new?
That is a hard one. Vintage watches may be difficult to source in good condition, although some can be refurbished with some TLC (new strap and new batteries). If you are to invest in a vintage watch make sure you buy from a trusted seller and that you are aware of specialists that could help with any technical issues such as battery change etc. In some cases, vintage watches can be considered as an investment. Plus many people prefer the vintage feel in accessories. On the other hand, if you want to buy a new watch, you will probably have the benefit of warranty (please check that with the seller) and modern design.
What is the user's character and style? What do they already wear and like?
  • Is the user into designer clothing and accessories? If so, that may be a hint that you may be required to say goodbye to some beloved pounds/euros in order to make them remember this as the best gift they ever had by the best person ever. Depending on whether they like shiny accessories with or without stones, you can make a choice of a watch that has similar characteristics. Just make sure that it will be from a relatively recent watch collection. 2013 has been the year of gold and rose gold chronographs as well as stainless steel bracelet watches with blue dials for men. Also, two toned bracelets, grey dials and minimalist watches with big dials are popular.
  • Are they very sporty, or like extreme sports such as diving? This may mean that it would be helpful to go for a watch which has practical functions such as good water resistance and stopwatch with big dials. Water resistance is crucial for this group of watch owners. It is worthwhile knowing that there are special watches for divers or climbers that have features such advanced water resistance, compass barymeter etc. Digital watches may be easier to read during sports. Leather straps would not cope well with regular and prolonged water exposure. For this reason a plastic or quality metal bracelet may be better.
  • How old do they feel? It would be wrong to assume your grandmother would appreciate a small minimal watch if she looks as vibrant as Vivienne Westwood! Plus she may be offended by your choice of boring accessories. The same applies the other way round: a young girl would not necesarrily appreciate a pink watch with her favorite pop star face on the dial.
  • What do they do? If due to work, one wears suits most of the time, it will be more likely for a smart watch with black/brown leather strap or stainless steel/gold bracelet to compliment their outfit. On the other hand, a big black dial on a green plastic strap would not.
  • Do they have another watch already? If so, you may observe the one already in possesion and get something different that could be used complementarily. Plus it is not very likely that people would become excited by something they already own. In some cases, when the item at question is of very good quality wise, people do want to have the same make and model over and over again.
DO remember that bracelet watches may catch a few hairs on male wrists. Some men may find this irritating and avoid using this material.
DO remember that some trends come and go as fast as Rihanna changes outfits. If you are inteding of buying a watch that would be used for more than a year, try to avoid bold strap/dial colors which may soon come out of fashion.

Ebay has published more reviews on specific subjects such as used watches, sports watches etc that you may find useful. 

Hope this helped! Happy shopping
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