How to choose the shower that's best for you.

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Showers fall into three main categories: Mixer, Power and Electric.

To help you decide which is right for your individual requirements we've put together this simple guide


Mixer showers draw from both the hot and cold water supplies and usually provide higher flow rates than electric showers.
Ideal for homes with readily available hot water

Pumps are available separately to upgrade existing mixer showers if a power boost is desired.


The ultimate in exhilarating shower performance.

Power showers are similar to mixer showers in that they draw from both hot and cold water supplies, but they also have the added benefit of an integral pump to boost flow rate.
A power shower can only be fitted to a gravity-fed low pressure system and is not suitable for fitting to the mains cold water supply, a combi boiler or a high pressure water system.

Therefore, if you prefer a more forceful showering experience that is both invigorating and refreshing, then choose a power shower such as the Triton AS2000XT Power Shower

If you already have a high pressure system you may like to consider the absolute ultimate in showering pleasure:

As currently seen on TV, the Triton Satellite Remote All-in-one High Pressure Shower HP is a complete system comprising of a high pressure mixing unit, Remote control mixer valve and high pressure rail and handset. 
This same system is also available with a pump for people with a Low pressure gravity-fed system.


Economical. Quick and easy to install. Probably the most popular shower in Britain at this time is the Triton T80XR this shower is available in various Kilowatt ratings (see below)

Connected to the cold mains supply, the water is heated as it passes through the unit providing instant hot water at any time.

The various settings seen on most electric showers are explained below:

Economy Setting

For extra economy, most electric showers feature an economy setting which can be used throughout the summer months when the incoming water is naturally warmer and requires less heating.

Thermostatic control

If you are looking for a shower with extra safety features, particularly for the elderly or if you have younger children, then choose an electric shower with precise thermostatic control. This will prevent freezing cold or scalding hot water coming from the shower.

Phased shutdown

When you push the STOP button, water will continue to flow for a few seconds, flushing all the hot water out of the unit. This ensures that anyone stepping into the shower immediately after you does not have an unpleasantly hot start to their shower.

Kilowatt (kW) Rating

The higher the kilowatt rating of the shower, the better the performance. Expect the shower's performance to be reduced during winter months when the incoming mains water is colder, as it takes longer for the shower to heat to the required temperature.

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