How to choose your Canvas Print

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Choosing your own photo

When you want to get that beautiful looking canvas of your own personal memory you will need to consider a few basic things.
1/ make sure that your photo you are sending to your supplier to turn into your canvas print of of a high resolution. Typically the higher the resolution the better the quality of your print canvas.
2/ choose your size of the canvas you require.
3/ check the delivery service that the supplier is offering. Eg try and choose a supplier that has a tracked delivery service included, either already in the price or a separate delivery tracked service.
4/ make sure that the supplier you choose uses the best quality poly cotton canvas and ensure that it is fade resistant. The last thing you want is that that beautiful canvas that once was has now after a year or two started to fade or wear.
5/ some suppliers have the option of their own stock photos which will pretty much guarantee that the picture resolution will be  sufficient and your canvas print will look its best.
6/ remember that cheapest is not always the best! If you do want to go for the cheapest product available then don't necessarily expect the canvas, frame or delivery service to be of the highest quality.

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