How to choose your Wedding Jewellery

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With so many things to plan in the run up to your big day, your jewellery can sometimes not get the attention it deserves. I hope this little guide helps you decide on the best "sparkles" to suit your wedding day.

What You'll Need...

The Bride:

The Bride is the most important member of the party, and will need to think about having a necklace, bracelet, earrings and a tiara or some other form of headpiece. By far the most popular jewellery for the bride is still silver and clear crystal jewellery, with a few opting for a little colour to compliment their bridesmaids colours. As far as headpieces go the traditional silver tiara is still very popular, however increasing numbers of brides are opting for combs worn on the side of the head, these can be either silver rhinestone swirls or feathers. Choosing the headpiece to suit depends somewhat on your hair type, and while the combs look very pretty if you've got fine or short hair you might be better going for a nice low tiara or even a crystal headband.

Comb headband, available from Bridal Gems .

The Bridesmaids:

One of the questions most often asked on our forums is; do we have to buy the bridesmaids jewellery? Obviously there's no quick yes or no answer, the simple truth is that although there's no obligation on the bride to buy her bridesmaids jewellery, if you want to control what they wear, then yes you probably will need to fork out and buy it. Fortunately it's not all bad news, firstly you don't need to spend a fortune and in all honesty you don't want the Bridesmaids to out shine the bride, and as such can usually pick up something simple and inexpensive. Secondly and more important your bridesmaids will really appreciate the thought and will be more than happy to get some nice jewellery. If you're planning on having tiaras or headbands for your bridesmaids then you need to take into consideration their hair styles and make a choice again being sure they don't out shine the bride.

A very pretty necklace set available on ebay

The Groom:

Unless you're David Beckham, you probably won't be to worried about jewellery for the groom, possibly some special cuff-links or a tie pin are all that are needed.

"The Groom" Cuff-links

The Mums:

Normal convention is for the mother of the bride and groom to buy their own jewellery and as such you won't usually have any say in what it is. Occasionally we find the mother of the bride buying the brides jewellery and hers at the same time.

Where To Buy It...

The Local Jewellers:

Twenty years ago the high street jeweller would have been the first choice for your wedding jewellery, today with the rise of the Internet, more and more people are by-passing the high street and buying directly form Internet retailers. There are still some advantages with the local jeweller, firstly you can handle the jewellery before you buy and for those of us who need the instant fix of buying and bringing it home the local shop does the trick.


Ebay provides the online shopper with a great choice, and usually the prices are much better than the high street. You do need to be careful when buying of ebay, you must remember if you buy from a seller in the US or Far East, you are liable to pay UK VAT and import duty on anything brought into the UK. The overseas buyers might look cheap at first sight but when you factor in the high postage costs, the VAT and import duty, the prices might actually be higher. Couple this with the difficulty and expense of returning unsuitable items and the UK based sellers start to look even more attractive. You should also be aware that many overseas sellers misrepresent their location, and although this is against ebay rules they don't always catch it.

We are asked many times how the duty and VAT works when importing items bought on ebay. Every item purchased outside the EEC and imported into the UK is liable and customs will randomly check packages posted which do not declared for duty, Royal Mail will then collect the VAT, duty and charges before the item is delivered. You may get away with it and not get caught, however this does not make it right, you could rob a bank and get away with it but it would still be a crime!


There are several great web sites which sell beautiful wedding jewellery. Because of ebay rules we're not allowed to give you links to them, but if you search google for "wedding jewellery" you'll find them. As with ebay you do need to be sure they're UK based and follow the UK distance selling regulations. All good sites will have an unconditional returns policy, where you can return anything unsuitable. The best thing about buying from a website is you can order all your jewellery from one location and usually save on postage costs. The prices on websites will usually be on par with ebay without the risk of being out bid at the last moment.

I hope you've found this short guide useful, you can view all our Bridal Gems Wedding Jewellery on Ebay

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