How to clean Nintendo 64 or Sega Megadrive Cartridges

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If like me you're sick of having to put the same cartridge in & out of your console half a dozen times before it eventually registers & loads up, don't despair, there is an answer!

The main problem is dirt, dust or grease on the cartridge connectors.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to fix & you'll have 100% results everytime!

All you need is Cotton buds & a bit of alcohol (I use surgical spirit from boots).

Just wet the end of a cotton bud, squeeze off some of the excess alcohol, and rub along the connectors. Then use the other end to dry it off. Some times the cotton bud comes up black!

Leave the cartridge for a couple of minutes for any alcohol left on there to dry off & load it up & enjoy....

You can view this in action on:
"revver dot com forwardslash watch forwardslash 638802"

Good luck!


Unashamed plug:  Have a look at my listings for perfectly clean N64 & Sega Megadrive games ;-)

PS:  Legally i have to say i can't be held responsible if you damage any of your games & please don't drink the alcohol!
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