How to clean a boat?

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Here at Silveryak Boat Cleaners, we have a lot of experience looking after peoples pride and joy.
However, not everyone can afford a cleaner, and they dont really like spending the few weekends they get on their boat scrubbing the decks . A solution is at hand with Silveryaks range of easy on easy off boating products. With this range you will be able to wash and wax a 36 foot boat in half a day, and that wax will last all season. Imagine, green to clean before she hits the water, the a few quick shampoos during the year to keep your vessel spotless.
Al the products needed are environmentally sound, so wont affect the waterways. All products are easy on easy off, so only need very basic equipment and very little effort.

First is simple washing of the boat, use a small amount of Silveryak Boat Wash in a bucket of warm water. With a sponge wipe the surface, get plenty of the cleaning solution on the boat, let it soak to get all the dirt, grime and greening off. For decks and large area use a soft broom. rinse as you go preferably with a hose, and thats it. All dirt will be gone, the was is that good thanks to its unique alkaline formula which neutralises the acid rain staining. Run off is neutral thats why you wont be polluting the waterways.
When your boats dry you are ready to wax. Silveryak Carnauba Boat Wax is an easy o easy off formula, that wont streak and will wipe off easily in one or two passes, you wont have to buff or scrub hard.
Simply wipe wax sparingly over the hard surfaces usig mutton cloth, leave 1-2 minutes to dry, then wipe off with clean microfibre cloths. Always easier to wax only what you can reach, a lot less effort stretching that way. Yes it will protect stainless steel, vinyls and aluminium as well, so just coat everything and wipe off when dry. This product does not use powders ads a drying agent like other waxes, so theres no streaking or white marks to worry about. Its fully UV stabilised. One 500ml bottle will do a 36 foot boat and is under £12.
This wax is so easy to use that a 6m square area will only take 5 minutes!
Once waxed you vessel will be protected for the entire season. Meaning you can visit at weekends and sit on the deck enjoying a glass of wine while others spend their time sweating over their cleaning regime.
When you go out to sea and need to wash down afterwards, use Silveryak concentrated boat Shampoo, again just a bucket and sponge then rinse off. This shampoo contains the same carnauba wax and will top up the shine after use. very easy to use and very cost effective throughout the year.

That will do for most people, if however you want to go further then Silveryak has more easy on easy off products for you. These include a Hull Cleaner, to remove heavy scum and stains at the waterline, RIB Cleaner - does what it says and on all types of inflatable or plastic tenders, Canopy Cleaner - for fabrics including dodgers and seating.
Just search Silveryak on ebay for our products to save time and money this year.


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