How to clean and feed a guitar fingerboard

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Clean and feed a fingerboard

As we all know, fingerboards can get dirty and sticky. here is a way to clean it , feed it , polish the frets and keep the whole thing in tip top shape.

As regards fingerboard -use Linseed oil and a golfball sized piece of 0000 steel wall
Put the steel wool over the opening of the bottle and invert. This will leave exactly the right amount of oil on the wool. Then, gently but firmly, rub along the length of the fingerboard ten or so times. Allow to soak for a minute then remove residue with a clean rag and brush off any remaining bits of steel wool
This will normally suffice, However, if the guitar is heavily crudded or has not been steel wooled for some time it may pay to spend a little extra time on the cleaning. Take a stanley knife blade or corner of a steel rule/ screwdriver blade and get into that  tiny area where fret and 'board meet. If a guitar hasn't been regularly steel wooled this is where crud will accumulate. The steel wooling will have loosened any dirt here.Sometimes it pays to put a cloth around the implement you are using so this will pick up the dirt.
Finally, use duraglit on the frets individually ( avoiding the board) and polish off to reveal a gleaming finish.
Should there still be some residue of  duraglit or the fret cleaning detritus , a final wipe with a rag with a touch of oil on it immediately followed by wiping off any excess with another rag and a quick buff will solve the problem.

This will leave a well fed, well cleaned board that will be a pleasure to play on.
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