How to clean cymbals

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Not everyone chooses to clean their cymbals: Some people prefer the duller sound a 'unclean' cymbal offers.  To clean your cymbals many different products are available. A comman example is Groove Juice which is in a spray container that you apply to your cymbal when it is off the stand. Use a clean towel in which you can throw out after words. Simply spray and wipe down. This will give your cymbals a nice shine to them. Because a cymbal is made with grooves, a lot of dirt and dust will get in those grooves. Cleaner cymbals are brighter sounding.

How often you clean your cymbals is a matter of choice. However, make sure you take proper care for your cymbals so they will last a long time.  With proper technique and care some cymbal can last a lifetime!

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