How to cleanse crystals before use.

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It is important that crystals are cleansed before use and then between uses. I believe that all crystals should be cleansed by the person using them rather than the person/retailer selling them. This is because the crystals need to become attuned to the user and be cleansed of any negative energy picked up on their way to them. 
There are a number of ways crystals can be cleansed, but some crystals prefer to be cleansed in certain ways. 

The most widely used cleansing methods are:

Cleansing with water
- A simple method that can be done by holding your crystal under running water. Spring or filtered water is best but holding your crystal under a tap also works well. Some crystals can't be cleansed with water because of how they were formed and how soft/brittle they are. As a general rule, any crystal with a name ending 'ite' tends to be water soluble and shouldn't be cleansed with water.

Cleansing with sunlight
- This is an effective method that just needs the crystals placed somewhere in sunlight for at least 2 - 3 hours. You should avoid using the midday sun and Amethyst should not be cleansed this way as its colours will fade.

Cleansing with moonlight
- Every crystal loves to cleansed with moonlight. You could leave your crystals somewhere where moonlight will reach them (similar to cleansing with the Sun,) or you could bury them and leave them outside overnight. Just make sure you put a marker where you buried them!

Cleansing with salt
- This method should be used with caution. It involves rubbing salt (sea salt is best) onto a crystal and then carefully rinsing the salt off. You need to be careful that the salt isn't going to erode the surface of the crystal and that the crystal can be cleansed with water. It would be best to apply the name ending 'ite' rule to this method of cleansing.

Cleansing with sage
- This method is also known as smudging. It is a method safe for all crystals. Once the sage is lit place it in an incense  holder and hold one crystal at a time in the smoke for a couple of minutes.

Other Tips:
- Citrine, Kyanite and Selenite are automatically self cleansing so don't need to be cleansed by any of the above methods.
- Always cleanse all types of Quartz before and after each use for healing.
- Clear Quartz and Carnelian can cleanse other crystals whilst stored together, but still need cleansing themselves.
- Try not to let other people touch your crystals. No matter how good their intentions it is best to only allow your crystals contact with your       energy.

Whatever method you use to cleanse your crystals it is always to do a little research into them first. Many people go with their feelings as to which cleansing method to use. This can only be developed after spending some time with crystals and getting to know them. Once cleansed your crystals will be ready to be dedicated and used.


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