How to clip your cats claws

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Step 1) Before you even attempt this task, try and get your feline friend used to have their paws touched. When you are stroking them as normal gently touch their feet, particularly the pads underneath. This will allow them to become comfortable with the sensation of having their paws handled and touched.

2) Sit your cat either on your lap or on a steady flat surface such as the floor or a table. Claw clipping can be easier as a two-person job, one to steady and soothe your kitty, and another to do the clipping.

3) Start with the front paws. Carefully lift the first paw in one hand and gently press the soft pads underneath. This will cause each claw in turn to extend forward, exposing it for easy clipping.

4) Always use purpose made pet claw trimmers/clippers. You can find these cheaply enough on ebay. Try searching under Ensure that you purchase suitable ones for the size of your animal, as you will also come across smaller devices for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.

5) Confidently and cleanly clip off the sharp end of the cats claw. Only ever take off the clear end of the claw- you should be able to easily see where the pink 'quick' of the claw ends. NEVER cut right down the pink quick area, as this will cause bleeding and hurt your pet. Just taking off the sharp ends of the claws should be sufficient to save your carpets and furniture!

6) After the first claw, reward your cat with a treat. If he/she seems distressed, do not persevere for now. You may only be able to do one or two claws at a time to begin with. If your cat appears comfortable with having their claws clipped however, you may be able to do the whole lot in one go, all four paws. Over time your kitty should become more comfortable with having their claws trimmed, and the process will hopefully be stress free in the future.

* I am a Bzzagent, and I wrote this guide as part of my latest campaign*
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