How to collect Antique Dolls

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Collecting antique dolls or toys can be interesting and fun, here a few simple useful tips if you wish to buy on ebay or other online sites.
My initial recommendation would be to check the description carefully including each photo, look for damaged parts if any or if the doll or toy has been restored, this should be indicated in the description.  An honest seller should always indicate any damage or restoration in the description. Unfortunately, some sellers don`t always indicate the full damage on a doll or toy so be careful before investing a large sum of money. When buying on ebay, you will be buying mostly from complete strangers and that is the nature with ebay. I did buy from a pair of unscrupulous sellers once and from some rude ones, most of the times all went well, paypal and ebay can be helpful in these situations. 
The seller`s feedback can help you to make a good buying decision, even though not always, sometime feedback isn`t left by the buyer or is removed by ebay or the buyer, this means that you will never know how the seller performed. In case you are still unsure about buying from that seller for any reason, take my word when I say that in some cases it is best to leave the rude seller without buying, even though you might think you are getting a deal. Having said that, I did also purchase from many pleasant and decent sellers on ebay so take your time and make your own decision.
Just remember that any damage or missing part on the doll or toy will affect the price and the value. There are also other venues, sites or places where you can buy with confidence. On ebay you will normally find a good selection and more competitive prices.
Informative books on the subject will also help you in your buying decision as much as a visit to your favourite museum or shop. You might want to check if there are any check marks on the doll or the piece. These are normally on the back/ neck of the doll or in other parts, for earlier dolls often the dolls were left unmarked or unsigned. Certain dolls or toys are likely to be reproductions or copies so knowing what to look for is very important.

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