How to correctly put a corset on..

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Before you put on your corset, loosen the laces/ribbons so that you can put it on comfortably. Do not loosen the laces excessively as they will tangle and make it more difficult to tighten. A good rule of thumb is to loosen the corset to your natural waist size, i.e. my waist is 34", so I will loosen my corset to 34". Making sure it's sitting in the right place and feels comfortable now fasten the front hook and eyes starting from top to bottom.Once they are all fastened, just make sure the corset isn't pinching anywhere and that it's resting comfortably on your figure. You might have to shift it around slightly to adjust it.Now, position yourself in front of a mirror semi sideways so that you can see your back and what your doing relatively easily. Take the ribbons, pull slowly and evenly until you reach your desired tightness.Then fasten/tie as desired.

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