How to create a feature out of your utility space?

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We all have some kind of reminders, to-do lists, organiser , checklist etc... in our small or big way depending on what we do and lifestyle we possess. You might be a busy professional, a parent completely involved parent or a seasoned personnel we all have our own hobbies, pass times or the list of extra curricular activites that we commit ourselves to.
But as time goes by these acts of involvement might seem a drag but there iis a better way to handle this.
As a busy parent there is a good chance that you have a million and one things happening all at once. School trips, things to pay for, cupboards running bare and lists as long as your arm. Most of us have some kind of kitchen noticeboard or chalkboard designed to keep track of all this stuff – how effective is yours? The new KCB, might just encourage you to throw away your old kitchen chalkboard, because this innovation is something really special.
Abbey’s school timetables, Conor’s after school activities, your food shopping list, work phone numbers, hubby’s to do list, a list of household jobs (for the whole family) or maybe just little messages to your family letting them know what’s for tea, where you are and when you will be home?

KCB allows you to write on its LED display in colourful markers which light up. Not only will it really catch your eye and that of your children – it looks incredible and can be a work of art in your kitchen. A far cry from a dusty chalkboard. The different colours allow you to differentiate between each type of job or category and it makes the room and the board come to life.

When you want to change your to do list all you need to do is wipe it clean and start again – maybe this time, choosing a new neon colour. Old chalkboards and even whiteboards are pretty much outdated these days. KCB's lives up to your expectations of the current times and fits in with a home which is contemporary and traditional. Plus its eye catching nature will mean that everyone will want to take advantage of it. It will actually be used, rather than left on the wall taking up space.
So whether you need your KCB to make your kitchen more attractive, to show off your list making skills or to show what a great artist you are – you have certainly found the very best product for your needs
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