How to create a seamless fondant cake finish

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Preparing the cake

To cover a sponge cake, you first need to ensure your cake is completely level, if the tin is the right size the easiest way to do this is to pop the cake back into the tin once it has cooled & use the top of the tin as a guide to cut a straight top. You can also purchase cake levelling tools very cheaply.
Next cover the cake in a thin layer of buttercream (also known as crumb coating) and pop it in the fridge to chill for a few minutes.

Preparing the fondant

Whether it is homemade fondant or prepacked it needs to be kneeded until soft & easy to roll out. Use a piece of string to measure up one side of your cake across & down the otherside, this will give you a rough size guide for measuring out your fondant.
I use a silicon mat & granite rolling pin to roll out large sizes of fondant, if your using a mat you shouldn't need to add any icing sugar or cornflour to stop it sticking but it may help to dab a bit on the pin.
Use the string you have measured to ensure the fondant is rolled out to the correct size.

Covering the cake

Many people say the easiest way to move the icing to the cake is to fold it over the rolling pin but I have always struggled with this & this is part of the reason why I use a silicon mat, it allows you to move the fondant on the mat, position it over the cake & then carefully peel off the mat.
Next use fondant smoothers to ensure you have a flat covering on the top of your cake & have removed any air bubbles, then slowly bit by bit working around the cake, smooth a few cms down the cake, ensuring the fondant is sticking to the buttercream & stretching the fondant as you go.
As you work around the cake stretch the icing to ensure you don't have any folds & keep working to the bottom of the cake, it may help to trim the excess off the bottom to remove some of the weight. when you have finished use a fondant wheel or pizza cutter to create a neat finish.
Finally use the smoothers to ensure final finish is smooth all the way around the cake.
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