How to create canvas print from your own photo

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Photo canvas prints are a great way of transforming your photographs into stylish wall art.

This eBay guide offers some basic guidelines to buyers wishing to display their photographs in this unique and modern fashion.

Type of Print

There are two types of photo canvas print readily available to you.

  • Custom/ Personalised: These are prints made from your own photographs. Sellers will usually offer several options to tailor your print to your own specifications. These guidelines focus mainly on this approach.
  • Stock Images: These are pre-made prints of stock photographs, typically mass-produced for general sale.
  • You also have a few options concerning how your photograph(s) will be displayed. Some of the more common options are outlined below.
  • Single Panel: This is the simplest method of displaying your print. Simply select the photograph you wish to display and it will be printed onto a single canvas according to your specifications.
  • Multi-Panel: This method of display involves splitting a photograph into several sections. Each section is then printed onto a separate canvas and hung with a small gap between them, creating a tiled effect.
  • Collage: Rather than splitting one photograph between several canvases, this method involves printing several photographs onto one canvas.
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