How to create your customised Party Bag Packages

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Personalised for you...

We offer a personalised & bespoke service aimed at helping you find what you want at competitive prices, delivered to your door!

Fill your own party bags and create a package to suit you and your party.

We have a great range of patterned or plain bags available and a fantastic range of accessories, all you need to do is choose what you would like and let us know!

How to Order...

Take a look in our shop for a package deal to suit you! We offer filled bags & boxes with a variety of filled or fill your own options.

Once you have decided on how many items you would like per bag, you can then choose which bag or box design you would like along with the complimentary tissue paper colour, the quantity required, then the items to go inside.

When going through the payment option, all the details can be left there or simply message us with your requirements. We will already know your bag/tissue paper choice and quantity so will require your personalisation details and bag filler choices.

We will then begin processing your order and items will be sent flat packed and delivered to you ready for filling when they are needed :)
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Fill Your Own Hen Party Bags
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Plain bags and quantity choices
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Party Boxes.....
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Empty Personalised Gift Bags

Bags on their own..

If you already have accessories or a gift in mind, we offer the bags on their own...
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