How to decide which remote control to buy

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Undecided about whether to buy a universal, original branded or quality copy remote control? Then you might like to bear the following points in mind.

If your equipment is less than 2 years old then a suitable copy may not be available yet and the price of many new or current models may not be as expensive as you think.

For example many genuine Sony TV remotes  cost less than a copy for a 10 year old Sony TV.

Conversely some original remotes can cost up to £100 and may be your only option. You can always contact us first for up to date price and availability before deciding.

Simply email or call 01507 578773 will your model number.

If you want to keep your home free of clutter then a multi way universal remote is the answer, but bear in mind that most modern TV's and all freeview boxes need a  remote to operate functions such as menu, tuning and set-up. If you decide on a quality copy remote then we can assure you that it will operate all these functions exactly as the original and will not require any setting up or code entry. You can simply pop in new batteries and your away.

Conversely for older models the original may have been discontinued. Take a look at some of the latest copy remote controls stocked by us and see for your self how good looking they are.



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