How to dismantle a samsung D500

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D500 Housing Fitting Instructions

 Tools Required

Small Philips screwdriver and a levering tool such as small knife. Please refer to pics 1 to 3

1.      With the phone turned off remove four screws behind the battery and then remove plastic rear section, the easiest way to do this is by splitting it from the other section at the sides and then pull from the sim card slot and then from one side. Note that this is only the back cover not one side of slide mechanism. The part removed will included the aerial this is normally white and will need to be transferred into the new housing this is shown in pic 1.

2.      Once the back part is removed you will see the following (pic 2).The red circles show where two further screws have to be removed, one is under a component that will have to be levered out. 

3.      Gently remove main board, it will still be connected by the ribbon, the removal of the board is easier with the slide open.

4.      Close the slide and flick main board over and peel off he green plastic that covers the ribbon socket, to remove the ribbon pull back the long black clip, this is the black strip into which the ribbon is inserted. The ribbon can now be disconnected.

5.      Once the main board has been disconnected you will see the following (pic3). Four further screws now have to be removed. Now pull this plate away leaving front slide section.

6.      To change the face two screws from either side of the camera mirror have to be removed, to get to these screws some plastic caps may have to be peeled off.

7.      The face can be separated by inserting your thumbnails around the edges of the face.

8.      To remove the screen board you will need to lever out camera and mic,

9.      Transfer parts to new housing and reassemble. The ribbon has to be pushed into socket and clip closed. Remember to transfer the AERIAL.



If you are looking for any genuine housings please let us know as most of our stock isnt yet listed. 

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