How to display all a users Negative + Neutral Feedback

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Ebay makes it notoriously difficult to view all of a user's negative or neutral feedback in one place, if the feedback is older than a year, then you are out of luck, what if that user had lots of negative feedback a few years ago, then abandoned the account for a few years, then started it up again, the feedback would most probably look quite fresh. Without further digging you would have no way of knowing what the negative feedback he received in the past was if you noticed at all.

Luckily there is a solution to this, thanks to a great site called  that site provides a service that can dig deep back into time and fish out all the negative and neutral feedback a user has recieved (or given) in the past and display it in a handy list. This is great for checking out the reliability / trustworthiness and personality of an ebay vendor.

Theres an even cool twist to the story, as you can download a browser addon (for firefox) that integrates the negative feedback checker right into your browser, so you can simply right click on an ebay auction page and swiftly view all the negative feedback that user has ever received, very handy, im sure you will agree. The tool is called Ebay Negs! and its an extension / addon for the firefox web browser, you can get this marvel of modern technology  right here, trust me, you will thank me later!

Ebay Negs! - The Ebay negative feedback checker:

Screenshots of the extension in action:

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