How to do a basic elegant chignon

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Ever wanted to know how to do a quick simple and easy hair up that looks like you have spent lots of time doing it, but looks really elegant, then follow these simple steps and before you know it you will have a wonderful hair do to go out with!

1) Section your hair so you have a pony tail section, and one section either side of your face. 2) With the ponytail section back comb gently, and then roll into bun/roll towards the nape of the neck going upwards. 3) Pin the roll into place with grips making sure the grips are hidden. 4) With the strands of hair by either side of the face, plait these with a timple plait, and use elastics to secure at end of each plait. 5) Wrap the plaits around the bun/roll, over opposite side and pin into place. 6) Use plenty of hairspray to secure! 7) Allow some hairs to be stranded and curled to surround the face and ear area for an even more elegant look.
You can add diamantes or flowers or any sort of sparkly clips or grips to your hair do to match or compliment your outfit/scheme/wedding etc! Now go look brilliant!
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