How to do the splits

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How to Stretch for the Splits
Steps   Make sure you are warmed up. Without this you could harm yourself. This can be as simple as jogging in place for a minute or two. Also, doing lunges on each leg beforehand will help.
Start by standing with your feet together. Reach down and try to touch your toes. Do not bend your knees at all (you may not be able to touch your toes... it’s alright). Bring your body down to your leg. Rounding your back so that your hands are closer does not help your stretch, so try to keep a straight back and bring your abdomen closer to your feet.
Sit on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you. Reach over your legs towards your toes. Once again it is important to keep a straight back and get your chest and not your arms closer to your legs.
Hold your right foot and bring it up to your mouth and hold it there for 30 seconds. Then do the same with the left.
Repeat the last step, except this time bend one leg behind you in order to stretch the other. Do this with both legs.
Stretch your Sartorius muscle. This is the muscle, in a split, that you feel in your back leg between your leg and body. To do this you have to kneel down, put your hands on the ground, and then straighten out your back leg. You may put your knee on the ground but remember that if you do this then you have to try to bring your crotch closer to the ground. This stretch will need to be held a lot longer than most (1-2 minutes on each side)
Do the above and more to get your straddle (side) split:
Standing with your legs in an "A" position, reach your arm over your head towards the opposite leg.
Sit in a straddle on the ground and reach out in front of you, trying to get your chest and stomach as close as you can to the floor.
While sitting in a straddle, bring one arm over your head and towards your leg, keeping your body sideways to your leg. Do this on both sides.
Sit in butterfly position (like Indian style but with your feet together). Press down your knees to the ground with your elbows or your hands. Press your abdomen closer to your feet.
Once you can do the splits in every direction, you can stretch farther past the split line. This is important for advanced dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders, but should only be worked on if you can already do the splits well:
Use an 8-inch mat. Put your front heel on the edge of the mat. Stretch through the splits and hold for 100 counts. It also helps to have someone nice press down on your shoulders as you do this, so you can stretch even farther.
Kneel with your back knee bent up against a wall or mat and your front foot on the floor, knee bent. Stretch through the splits and press down then release, down, release, for 20 counts.

Tips   Wear loose clothing
When you are stretching breath in and out deeply. It'll help you get farther into your stretch.
Stretch a little bit every day.

Warnings  Flexibility is gained over time; for some it may take months or even years to fully sit in the splits. Do not push yourself too hard. You will eventually see gradual improvements. If you push too hard you could pull or even tear a muscle. If you do tear a muscle don't keep stretching! Let your body rest and ice the injury. Take a visit to your doctor to determine how bad it is. When you do start stretching again start slowly; don't expect to start back right where you were when you stopped.

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