How to edit negative and neutral feedbacks

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Since ebay created new rules regarding feedbacks, you might still be unaware that it is now possible to edit negative or neutral feedbacks.

Buyers are merely human and they can make mistakes leaving feedback (on the other hand, Sellers are no longer allowed to leave negative feedbacks against buyers).

Sometimes buyers are too eager to receive an item and may conclude non-shipment of their item specially with inter-continental purchases.  Shipping times vary from one location to another, or one courier to another.  Sometimes mistakes are mere typo errors: like choosing Neutral or Negative when the intention and the Statement left was a clear Positive.

If you want a feedback edited, it has to be a mutual agreement - both parties must agree to have the feedback edited.

To edit, follow these steps:

1)  On your Ebay Summary under My Account on the lower left menu, click on "Feedbacks".

2)  On top of the Feedback screen, click on "Go to Feedback Forum".

3)  On the right Feedback tools menu, choose "Request Feedback Revision".

4)  Click on the User you want to invite for feedback revision.

5)  State the reason.

6)  An email will be sent to your buyer stating your request.

7)  Inform your buyer that he has only until 10 days to reply and revise the feedback, otherwise it will become permanent.

8)  Instructions for buyers how to accept the request can be found at:

Feedback revision instructions for buyers

9)  Only 5 available changes per 1,000 feedbacks,  so choose your requests properly.

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