How to ensure that Chanel bags are authentic

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1) See it, Feel it

The quality of the material is quite an obvious way to determine the authenticity. If it looks cheap and feels cheap, it isn't Chanel.

The stitching around the leather should be unbroken and of course, perfect. Chanel are known for their square and diamond stitching patterns and although from a glance the bag may look real, inspect it more closely to make sure.

However, a lot of fake bag makers now use better looking materials and so sometimes this step isn't enough to ensure authenticity and therefore the rest of this guide should be read before any retail therapy!

2) Its all about the logo

The interlocking CC design can quite often be faked incorrectly. The right C should overlap the left C at the top of the logo, and the left C should overlap the right C at the bottom of the logo. This will never be different and therefore is a great way to spot a fake.

3) Origin

The origin stamp for a Chanel bag should only ever say Made in Italy or Made in France. Anything else means the bag isn't authentic!

4) Hardware

The colour of the hardware should either be silver or gold toned, and should be consistent throughout the bag. If the strap is gold toned, the clasp, zips and all other little bits should be too. Check this carefully as even the tiniest bits of hardware should be consistent. Exceptions to this are very rare limited edition collections and some vintage bags. The limited edition bags will be advertised clearly and therefore if a bag is seen with mismatching hardware don't assume it is limited addition, assume it is fake. In certain vintage bags the inside pocket zip will match the bag interior rather than the rest of the hardware.

As well as the colour, the quality of the hardware is important. The hardware should not bend and the screws which hold the clasp in place on the inside should be flathead screws.

5) Authenticity Card

All Chanel bags, with the exception of vintage models come with an authenticity card and sticker. If it doesn't have them, it isn't real. 

Some fake authenticity cards and stickers can be found with the fake bags, and so it useful to know what the real ones should look like. The cards are the size of usual credit or store cards and are plastic and black with gold lettering. The hologram sticker has a plastic foil over it which makes removing the sticker without ripping it impossible.

6) Low Prices

Buying an authentic Chanel bag for a bargain price is never going to happen unless you are the luckiest person alive. If the price is too good to be true, it is, unfortunately.

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