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Key words

When you are selling items on ebay its important to dumb things down and simplify things as much as possible. You need to start by using keywords to list an item. for example if you are selling something seasonal make sure you mention any holiday you think it might apply to, for example if you are selling home crafted Christmas baubles you'll want to mention Christmas, bauble, stocking filler, secret santa, tree, decoration, present and any other keywords that might apply. Writing hand crafted will not normally be something that someone thinks of initially when looking for such  a decoration.  
If its a collectors item you may want to think about using the words rare, place names, eras, memorabilia etc.
Its all in the presentation too. What better than a photograph to show someone what condition your item is in? Its all very well copy and pasting an image from the internet but it may put a buyer off, especially if the item is marked as used and they have been presented with an immaculate catalogue type image and they are left to wonder what marks or condition its in.
Its easy to just think for a few moments before listing an item and think about what you yourself would be looking for first.
It works for me.
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