How to find Quality maternity wear.

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I am often surprised at how little choice there is on the high street for busy nursing mums to find suitable clothing in which to discretely breastfeed.  I won't mention names but even the large family stores only cater for maternity and not post partum!  I found it so frustrating when I was breastfeeding that I opened my own e-bay shop to stock suitable breastfeeding tops at purse friendly prices, as let's face it, the £93.60 or so weekly maternity pay doesnt go very far!  The little business has aso helped me to cut down my full-time catering assistant to a part time role and spend more time with my little boy.I can only continue with the service though if people buy my garments, there has to be demand for it - perhaps that's why the large family stores dont offer nursing wear, is there enough demand?  It is a niche market and if you are looking for some gorgeous one off's and lovely alternative breastfeeding tops to those boring ones available - then please take a look at my on line shop we sell childrens clothing too.  or my ebay store, you are very welcome!  Jayne
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