How to find a cool t-shirt online

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Whether you’re buying a cool t-shirt for yourself or someone else, online shopping can always be a bit daunting with its sheer number of options. But this amazing guide is here to help you.
There are SO many options to buying online, but to help you narrow down your search and buy clothing safely we have a few sweet tips.

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Finding your new favourite tee!

First thing is to start searching vague, for example if you want to get a cute BVB t-shirt for a friend before you go to that concert together, start with searching for “black veil brides t-shirt”. I know, simple right?
Now you’ve got a nice selection of tees but still can’t find the right thing, try adding a few extra words to the search like your friends favourite album, that song she’s always playing on her phone or that guy she’s got plastered all over her bedroom walls *cough* Andy Biersack *cough*.
Okay now we’ve narrowed it down a bit more we’re getting there, since Black Veil Brides have “Black” in their name you’re probably seeing a lot of that colour. Now chances are you want a black t-shirt and that’s totally cool (and likely), but you could be buying for that friend who looks so much better in white than black. In your eBay search results you should find some buttons on the left to choose the colour you want and don’t be afraid to click the “see all” button if your fav colour isn’t there.

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“What are you selling?”

Okay, so we’ve found a t-shirt now but what about the seller? Check the name, how’s their feedback and do you recognise the name? Asking your mates whether they’ve heard of them or a quick Google should tell whether they are good guys.
Check whether it’s an official product because you do not want to be the girl in the front row of that BVB concert wearing a fake tee. Is it a familiar design, have you seen respectable websites selling it or anyone else wearing it?
How about the price? We know the price we want to spend and we know how much a t-shirt generally costs so stick to that price in your head. You know we all love a great bargain but always remember that there is such a thing as “too cheap”. Do you stick to that seller you’ve used before or that new seller who is a little cheaper? Now, we’re not going to tell you who to buy from but you should use that reliable source over saving a few pennies.

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One size does not fit all

Almost there now, we’ve picked a design and know who we’re are getting it from but what about sizing? Hopefully you know your own size, otherwise it’s time to find that tape measure! But what about your friends size? You may know it or can guess from your own size but you have to think how she’s likes to wear her tees. Think if she prefers her clothes to be slightly tight or slightly baggy, or if she’s always in really baggy tees maybe she’d prefer a men’s size instead?
Time to order that tee! But what if something goes wrong I hear you ask. Not to worry, any decent seller will gladly exchange your tee for a different size if it does not fit.
So now it’s time to use the internet to get out there and buy some t-shirts! (BTW the internet also sells other things and has funny pictures of cats too!)

You need more reasons to buy online?

  • So much stuff!
  • Always open, all the time, even those evenings when you can’t get to sleep.
  • Browse for hours on end without getting strange looks from the store employees.
  • Easier to not over spend, no more adding those little extras to you basket.
  • Savings and codes and bargains.
  • No smelly people have tried it on before you in the store.
  • You can shop even while wearing those really ugly but super snug and warm pyjamas that you hide when friends come over. 
Hope this helps, now go get those t-shirts!
Bye bye!

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