How to find a four leaf clover

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Four Leaf Clover Hunting

~~Find a patch of four leaf Clover. What you want to look for is a patch of white clover (Trifolium repens, identified by white flowers) because they're more likely to produce a four-leaf plant than other types of Clover.This type often grows in lawns and meadows.

~~Scan over the patch. When you are starting out, don't stare down every single clover. Brush over the Clover gently with your foot so that you can see them all. This should catch the more conspicuous Clovers. Your eyes will naturally go to the odd one out. If you find 3 or more in less than 3 minutes, you probably have a hot spot. Mark this place and visit it often, because the mutation will happen again. You can usually get 10 or so out of a well sized "hot spot" with close inspection

~~Identify any four-leaf varieties. Most four-leaf Clovers have one leaf that is smaller than the other three. Some leaves have white or red or no lines. The leaves can be rounded or heart-shaped

~~Mark the patch! It is commonly thought that four-leaf Clovers are actually caused by a genetic defect in the root of the clover plant. Most clovers in patches are either growing from one plant or a network of plants. So, the chances are that if you've found one defected clover, there's likely to be more there. Place a small flag or something to mark it so you can check the rest of the areas.

~~Once you have found your four leaf Clover(s) - press the leaf between sheets of absorbent paper, using a heavy weight. This will enable you to enjoy the rewards of your labour for many years to come


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