How to find and sell items on Ebay for a profit

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Selling antiques

Making an little extra money on Ebay can be really easy if you know where to find the right items to sell for a profit. Great items to sell online are found all around you if you take the time to look, every one can do it, all you need is patience and some free time.

Finding items to sell for a profit

Below are a some of the places where you can find items to sell on Ebay:

1. Charity Shops - this is a win - win situation as you are helping the charity and you are making some money on the side. Visit them weekly and look for items that sell on Ebay.

2. Auction Houses - in every town there are auction houses who deal with house clearances and sell items really cheap. A quick search online will show you what auctions are running in your area.

3.  Boot Sales - other people's junk can be your treasure, make sure you are going every week to your local boot sale to find items to sell online.

4. Ebay - yes, you can find really good deals on Ebay that you can sell for a profit.What is the secret? Filter your searches for collection only items and then sell them with shipping options and most of the time you will sell them for more that you paid for.

Selling on Ebay

There are a few things you can do to sell your items quick and for a good price:

1. Before buying anything make a quick search on Ebay and see what is the average price that item goes for and make sure you searched the sold items not the ones that are just listed.

2. When you buy used items they might have minor damages that might drive the price down so take some time to add some paint touch-ups or change the batteries or simply clean the item and the value increases automatically.

3. Always offer shipping and/ or collection , never sell items with free shipping, that way people in your area can come and pick up the item and spare you the postage cost.

4. Use courier comparison sites to find the cheapest shipping. A lot of sellers offer Royal Mail shipping which is much more expensive  that other couriers and that way the cost increases. The cheapest I found is My Hermes which is at least half the price of Royal Mail.

I hope all this will help you start making some money online, good luck!
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