How to find items local to you

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How to find items local to you

First of all log into your eBay account, now In the search box type in the item you are looking for, so for example “sofa”, once you have typed what you are looking for, press enter. This will bring all the items available from the name of your search, this is what we want to change as this will bring up lots of items for sale all but we want to change this to local, click onto the drop down box that says “sort” and click onto Distance: Nearest First, this will bring up all the items that are nearest to you location first.

You can change the search further so that it limits the search even closer to your location, on the left hand side of the page, there is a grey section, in this section is lots of choices, go to the section that says “item location”, change how far you want the item to you in the drop down box in the “within” section, it has a few choices, I normally go to 2 or 5 miles of the post code and then click on the grey arrow.

Now you can see if there is anyone selling items in your area that is local to you so you can collect especially if it’s a big item.

Just because they are local doesn’t mean they will definitely let you collect, so always check the listing or message the seller to confirm just in case if you are unsure. You get more bargains this way too, Good luck.

I am bzzagent tashaellaway and part of the campaign I had to write guides on Ebay.
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