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Hello everyone,

My names katie and i want to give you some help on finding the best items at the lowest prices, i save large amounts by following my own rules, you can too.

At the bottom of this guide ive included my top 5 favourite bargain shops, check them out.

Theres a few little tricks you can use to your benefit, and im going to share with you how you do it.

#1 Spelling mistakes; when you are searching for a designer brand type in other phonetic ways of spelling it, for example=

Fendi = Fendy.

Chloe = Cloey

Adidas = Addidas

Gucci = Guchi

Louis Vuitton = Loius Vuiton

sony ericsson = sony erricson

#2 Always look for items ending soon, its best to look for overseas sellers of items, Check the feedback first to make sure they are reputable, Some of my best purchases have come from Non EU Countries. Delivery may take a little longer, but you can save upto 80% on typical UK and EU purchase prices, Which is well worth the wait.

#3 Be carefull of people that list in their Auction Titles: Example =Trusted UK Seller. as far as im concerned, who says they are trusted? some buyers? Trust comes from yourself not from what someone says about themself, and this is a way of pushing up the cost of items they sell.

#4 Twilight hours. My Favourite time to search for items is after 2am, its not perfect for everyone, but i find my greatest buys at around this time. Less competition = lower prices.

#5 Find a seller that you feel comfortable with, and that have items you are interested in. As a regulular returning customer you may be offered special postage rates, discounted items, free gifts etc. I have several i am like that with, believe me, its worth it.

#6 Reccomendations are a blessing, reccomending sellers to friends can help get discounts etc, not always, but when you are reccomended to a seller, they have confidence in you as a buyer which helps build a good buyer-seller relationship. In turn helping you save.

#7 Join an Email mailing list offered by sellers. This will let you recieve an Email update on latest items, Buy it nows you dont want to miss, and special promotions.

#8 Save shops as your favourite sellers, By doing this you have an instant link to that shop and can go direct to see whats up for grabs rather than doing a long search.

#9 If like me you purchase 99% of your items from overseas, you can save a whopping amount of money, but also you can find ways to speed up shipping, limit costs, etc, and find items that you wont get in Europe or the uk.

#10 Finally paypal charges sellers quite large fees for large transactions which they may calculate before they list items and add it on as postage or just up the starting price, it does not protect you like it says it does, and i rarely use it. I pay via instant bank transfer, its fast and safe, you never give or recieve more info than whats on a cheque. A fantastic alternative i have had NO PROBLEMS WITH. if a listing is not using paypal, the price generally tends to be less to start and less to end. Maybe because bank transfer is a newer option people dont understand it so well, which at the moment is getting me great bargain purchases.

My top 5 favourite stores:






These stores have fantastic items, i have used all of them personally and reccomend them highly.

Dont spend more than you need to, grab a bargain.

Thanks for reading this, please vote on if it helped you or not.

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