How to find the perfect jewellery for you...

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When it comes to choosing costume jewellery, buyers look for design quality as well as "how real it looks", the only problem is, deciding what's best for your fashion.

At Cher Elegance our staff have been in the jewellery business for many years and they've picked up on a few things regarding people purchasing jewellery, whether it be "The Perfect Statement Piece" when going out or "Everyday Jewellery" as a simple yet chic accessory. If we consider fashion today; it seems costume jewellery has lost some of its SPARKLE with much more novelty trinkets and branded items completely ignoring the fundamentals of jewellery. I mean every woman needs some Elegance and women deserve to wear beautiful pieces of jewellery!

Tips on finding that perfect piece for you:

{1} When looking for  Elegant Evening Jewellery always consider your attire/clothing first. Informal clothes like jeans/trousers and jackets give more of a coloured crystal attraction, as it looks a bit more funky yet still sophisticated. However when you're going out for a more formal event, where one is wearing a dress or gown, we recommend the perfect statement piece which has clear colourless crystals which gives off the diamond effect.
{2} Jewellery is not based on clothing co-ordination solely but its also based around yourself and your personality. Wear a piece that says something about yourself, like whether your more original and spontaneous by wearing an unconventional yet  Stunning Floral Piece with coloured crystals.
{3} And finally just pick something you'll LOVE and CHERISH because elegant jewellery is timeless and anyone can pull it off with their own looks because it just dazzles and makes you look FABULOUS!

"Come and take a look at our products where you can find that piece that Dazzles for you" 

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