How to find the right MAC lipstick for you

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The most important thing when it comes to Mac is knowing the different formulas that their lippys are made of. Thirteen in total, each one has a different texture and finish.
The thirteen different types that you have to choose between are;

Matte, Retro Matte, Amplified, Amplified Creme, Cremesheen, Cremesheen Pearl, Satin, Glaze, Frost, Lustre, and the special limited ones -  Mattene, Pro Longwear Lipcreme, Sheen Supreme and Mineralize Rich. Whilst this may sound quite overwhelming, the different characteristics of each mean it's fairly simple to find a formula to suit you. So, in the order of the above list, we can go through what is special about each type.

Matte: One of the most drying Mac formulas, it is also one of the longer lasting. With absolutely no shine, the Matte formulas make it very easy to create a dramatic look.

Lasts - 6 hours
Coverage - Opaque
Moisture -  Dry
Favourite - Russian Red

Retro Matte: Even more Matte than Matte, this is by far the most drying formula. Definitely not recommended for chapped lips, the Retro Matte style has some absolutely breathtaking colours, but is not for the faint of heart.

Lasts - 6-8 hours
Coverage - Opaque
Moisture - The dryest
Favourite - Ruby Woo

Amplified: Although these are basically a much less drying version of the Matte formula, they are made in very few colours, which is a shame. Not as long lasting as the Matte, but good for if you want the drama without sacrificing the skin on your poor lips.
Lasts - 4 hours
Coverage - Opaque
Moisture - Not at all drying
Favourite - Pure Heroine

Amplified Creme: Amplified Cremes are an absolutely gorgeous formula. They have a limited wear time before reapplication but don't let that put you off!  They are creamy and highly pigmented, and one of MAC's most popular.
Lasts - 2/3 hours
Coverage - Thick, almost entirely opaque
Moisture - Glossy, semi-moisturising
Favourite - Girl About Town

Cremesheen: Easily the most renowned Mac colour, Crème d’ Nude, is in this formular, a very creamy feel without being too glossy. Comfortable on the lips and mostly in a range of nude colours, Cremesheen are one of the least drying formulas.
Lasts - 2 hours
Coverage - Quite thick, not entirely opaque
Moisture - Glossy
Favourite - Crème d’ Nude

Cremesheen Pearl: A little less creamy than Cremesheen, but much shinier, these are surprisingly ideal for wearing over your Cremesheens to glam them up a bit for a night on the town!
Lasts - 2 hours
Coverage - Frosty, thin
Moisture -  Creamy
Favourite - Speed Dial

Satin: Dramatic colour similar to the Matte range, but far less drying.
Lasts - 5/6 hours
Coverage - Opaque, but not Matte
Moisture -  Semi-drying
Favourite - Rebel

Glaze: Both the thinnest, and the shiniest Mac finish, Glazes aren't too dissimilar to Lustres, but slightly less pigmented. It's difficult to build the colour up with a glaze, but can be done, and the final effect if you persevere is dazzling! Definitely one for adding a bit of glitter, but if you like a bold lip, it's best to steer clear.
Lasts - 1 hour
Coverage - Sheer, can be built up
Moisture -  Almost balmy
Favourite - Pervette

Frost: A little bit more lasting than the Glaze and Lustre formula, Frosts can often be built up to a stronger colour, with my personal favourite, New York Apple, transforming from a shiny nude with a hint of pink, to a deep red with more applications. A stronger colour doesn't mean any moisture is lost, however, as Frosts are still creamy enough to be used in place of a lip balm, if you fancy.
Lasts - 2 hours
Coverage - Translucent, shimmery, can be built up
Moisture - Almost like a lip balm
Favourite - New York Apple

Lustre: Very slick, a little creamier than the Glaze, but also with less shimmer, the Lustre formula is a very popular one, with more options than the Glaze too. Plumful is a major recommendation no matter what your skin tone, it's literally the nude that suits everyone, which with patience can be built up to a deep pinky purple shade.
Lasts - 1 hour
Coverage - Sheer
Moisture -  Thin, Glossy
Favourite - Plumful

There are also four special edition formulas which can be found in most MAC outlets, but not all, as some are for limited times/releases only. These are as follows.

Mattene: These are only released on occasion with certain releases, but are a lovely creamy formula that is surprisingly long lasting.
Lasts - 4 hours
Coverage - Completely Opaque
Moisture -  Creamy
Favourite - Delectable

Pro Longwear Lipcreme: The most longwearing of the MAC formulas, it does not dry nearly as much as the Mattes do, but still has a thick colour and texture without any need for constant reapplication. Although there is a good selection of shades, it is not infinite, and for those looking for more colour variation it may be necessary to search elsewhere.
Lasts - 8/10 hours
Coverage - Opaque
Moisture -  Slightly Dry
Favourite - Perpetual Flame

Sheen Supreme: Advertised as the perfect combination between gloss and lipstick, it isn't difficult to see why the Sheen Supreme formula is always popular. However, although packaged slightly differently, it isn't a whole lot different to the Glaze lipsticks, it just has a slightly heftier pricetag.
Lasts - 2 hours
Coverage - Thin, but pretty
Moisture -  Glossy
Favourite - Quite The Thing!

Mineralize Rich: The most opaque of the creamier lipsticks, and also MACs most expensive, Mineralize Rich is actually worth the extra cash, with it being easy to apply, easy to wear, and difficult to ruin. Even more creamy than Cremesheen!
Lasts - 3 hours
Coverage - Opaque
Moisture -  Creamy
Favourite - Grand Damme
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