How to fit Scalextric Braids. Audi, Porsche, Mini, etc

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This guide is very detailed and explicit... Experienced Scalextric Racers will have changed their braids and completed  a couple of laps in the time it takes to read this!!!

Coming shortly, the very detailed guide to 360  drift car braids, with advice on checking the track...Again ESR's already know to make sure the track joints are aa smooth as possible, to avoid cutting the 360 braids.....!

On the cars with separate braid carriers eg Audi TT, Porsche Boxster, Bmw Mini, and many more.

  1. With braids facing backwards , ie normal running position, and car upside down in your 2 hands, use both thumbs to push the braid carrier, with braids, forward. This does not need much effort, and the carrier part will pop up at the front, it can then be moved backwards and slid off the back of the guide and  removed... Try to leave the shiny contacts this reveals in position in their holders in the guide. *One frequently pops out, and it is best to reposition the other one immediately, so you have a point of reference, If they both pop out,,, er... well make sure they don't!  They sometimes disappear inside the car, and in this case you need to unscrew the chassis, and retreive them, you will need small thin Phillips screwdriver
  2. Remove old braids and prepare new ones to fit the braid carrier by forming them into a "Square U" with the bottom of the U 8mm,  one leg 7mm, and the other leg 12mm. It is worth cutting a piece of thick cardboard or preferably plastic card to 8mm to make this easier and more accurate, and it is worth preparing the 2 braids in this way before even removing the braid plate form the car, *So that the car is not left and moved around before the braid carriers are replaced, see above!*
  3. Bring the prepared braids to the braid carrier, with the bottom of the U on the bumpy side of the plastic braid carrier, bend the short leg over first, then the long leg. So ending with the long leg on top, this will obviously be the part that contacts the track rails.
  4. Replace the braid carriers, with the new braids facing backwards, This is the reverse of removal, and is done by first sliding braid carrier forward from rear, pushing braid carrier down at front, and gently sliding it back.

This is not a perfect explanation as ideally I would be able to show pics, and also cover how to refit the shiny contacts if (er when) they come out*  Hopefully I will write another guide soon.

I will also shortly write a guide re the drift 360 cars braids which are more tricky, with more chances of going wrong!  ALSO the 360 guides take a bit more pressure to release the braid carrier in step 1, in fact they do not pop up after being pushed forward, but need helping with a finger nail.

Apologies to those that think this is a bit long winded, it is written for Dads and Mums that are not particlarly mechanically minded. As with everything, Practice makes Perfect, and the first time you do this job it is tricky, especially with a couple of children helping!? Best to do it first time quietly, on your own, in good light, with plenty of time.  Good luck, and please let me know if this was helpful 

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