How to fit a Universal Sump Plug

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So, imagine you are changing the oil and find out the thread is stripped on your sump. What do you do now?
You may be able to rethread the sump, but you may need a new sump.
How will your customer use their car in the meantime?
These  Universal Sump Plugs are just the right solution!
Simply fit it and sort out the problem with the sump at your leisure.
Your  customer is happy, you're happy!  Easy!
Again, you can use this plug again and again, so it's a really useful tool

Simple to fit:
For sumps with an M14 or larger sump plug: Just push it through the old sump plug hole and hand tighten.
For sumps with a sump plug smaller than M14: Unscrew the nut, push the shaft through the sump plug hole and refit the nut. Note: This means removing the sump. Alternatively, if you have got to replace the sump anyway: Bore out the sump to 15mm, then you can fit the universal sump plug without removing the sump. Note: If you have bored the sump out , don't forget to flush out the sump to avoid any metal filings being left in the sump
Try one and see what you think!

Off Road vehicle sump repairs
Another great use for the sump plug is for Off Road vehicle sump repairs:
Imagine you've been out on an Off Road jaunt and have caught your sump on a rock, which has pierced the sump. How are you going to get home without wrecking the engine?
Check where the hole is and whether it is big enough to fit the universal sump plug. If it is, just fit the universal sump plug and get home without damaging your engine any further. Then once you are home you can order & fit a new sump at your leisure.

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