How to fit a child car seat properly.

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When we went to get a new car seat for my daughter I was very concerned that I would not be able to fit it properly but the sales lady told me how to make sure it was safe. (You know when they have car seat testing at local supermarkets etc and give advice on how to fit the seat properly.)  I was told the most effective way of securing it is by actually kneeling in the seat facing the back of the car, this weighs down the childseat.  At the same time pull the car seatbelt tight and fix it as per car seat instructions (most have a locking catch that holds tight onto the car seatbelt to stop it slipping). I find it easier to get my husband to pull the belt tight while I clamber in the seat.  When you have finished try and rock the child seat from side to side. if you can move it easily then you need to try again but mostly the child seat will be firmly in position. Hope this helps everyone.
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