How to fit a new toilet

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There are many different styles of cisterns available. In this guide, we will try to cover the most general steps for fitting a close-coupled toilet where cistern sits directly on top of the pan. The cistern is a freestanding with a push-button flush and has a valve-operated flush.

1. Assemble the flush mechanism. Make sure you include the rubber sealing rings where necessary.

2. Place the flush valve mechanism into the cistern; slide the bottom threaded section through the hole in the base. Check that the rubber washer is securely on the mechanism, inside the cistern. Screw on the back nut securely, but make sure not to over tighten.


3. Insert the push-button assembly through the hole in the cistern lid, and fit the nut.

4. Insert the assembled inlet valve into the cistern. Make sure that the rubber washer is in place on the assembly, inside the cistern, and then lock it into position using the nut supplied. Tighten by hand and then give a further half turn using an adjustable spanner or small wrench. Do not over tighten.

5. Place the large rubber gasket into the flush entrance of the pan.

6. Insert the long fixing bolts through the holes in the cistern, using the rubber and large metal washers supplied.

7. When lifting the cistern onto the pan, make sure the long connecting bolts fit into the provided holes in the pan. Make sure that the threaded section of the flush mechanism goes through the rubber gasket on the flush entrance of the pan.

8. Fit washers to the connecting bolts, and tighten the wing nuts. Fit securely but don’t over tighten. 
9. Check there are no pipes or cables beneath the fixing points, then position the WC and slide the pan outlet into the flexible connector attached to the soil pipe. A little silicone grease will ease it on. Drill pilot holes into the floor at the fixing points. If it’s a solid floor you will need to drill the holes with a hammer action drill and plug them.

10. Push plastic protective inserts through the holes in the base of the pan and screw the retaining screws through and into the floor. If the cistern has fixing holes in the back, fix to the wall by drilling and plugging; remember to add rubber washers before tightening the nuts.

11. Connect the supply pipe for the cold water feed using a push-fit tap connector.

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