How to fit graphics.

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Photo Guide

Here we have our very own Photo guide for fitting your own graphics.

This is the same as what we do when we fit and has proved to be very productive. :D

Step One
Find where you are going to apply your new graphic.
Step Two
Clean the area fully.
Step Three
Get your graphic and smooth over the top to ensure it is stuck to the application tape
Step Four
Remove the application tape and the graphic should be stuck to it.
Step Five
Line up your graphic, make sure it's straight and you are happy with it.
Step Six
Once happy use an application tool or credit card over the top of the tape to apply to your surface.
Step Seven & Eight
After rubbing your graphic all over, Pick away at the top corner and peel in a diagional downwards direction nice and slow.
Step Nine & Ten
Once you have peeled back your application tape step back and admire your handy work and swear as now the car looks dirty with a small clean patch.

Here at CC Vinyl we hope you have found this guide helpful. If any more assistance is required please just give us a shout via ebay and we can see what can be done.

Thank you for reading.

David Panton
CC Vinyl
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