How to fix Ipaq pocket pc not reading SD card problem

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This guide will tell you how to fix the SD card compatibility in Ipaq pocket pc's, It is a really simple fix but its amazing how long people will wonder why it wont work, me included... So here it is.. Enjoy ^^

Earlier today i discovered my old Ipaq and after blowing the dust off it and playing around for a few minutes i found out that the SD card wouln't be read by the pocket pc. And after several searches on the internet all i could find on forums and such was buy another type of card that wasn't SD. Now being me i decided to just fiddle around with it and guess what?...

The problem is fixed by just reseting the Ipaq from the reset button on the back. This makes it start to do computery things and it starts to read the card again.

So if at first you cant succeed and if its possible without data loss, just reset it.
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